Super Wednesday

January 11-April 26, 5:30-7:30pm

Super Wednesday offers something for people of all ages, and we invite you to join us this Spring. After our meal in Fellowship Hall, everyone scatters to participate in a variety of studies and activities, which you’ll find described below.

Meal, Fellowship Hall, 5:30pm
Children & Youth, $2, College Students, no charge,
Adults, $5
Family Maximum, $10

Children’s Activities

Nursery for infants & preschoolers, Room 102, 5:30-7:30pm
Covenant Choir, grades 2-5, Children’s Choir Room, Jannette Hindman, 6:15pm
Recreation K-1st Grades, Malicia Curran, 6:15pm
Noel Choir, K-1st, Children’s Choir Room, Jannette Hindman, 7:00pm
Recreation Grades 2-5, Malicia Curran, 7:00pm

Activities for Youth

Middle School element
Rec Center and The Den @ 5:30pm
High School CREW
Rec Center and The Den @ 5:30pm

Adult Studies, 6:30-7:30pm

Everyday Life in Early America: A Museum Studies Approach to Understanding our Colonial Past
January 11-March 1, Fellowship Hall
Jake Blosser
Part show-and-tell and part detective story, this interactive course uses everyday objects from the 18th century to reconstruct colonial American culture.  Go behind museum ropes to discover a new “mystery artifact” each week and unlock a new approach to understanding the past.  Based on Jake’s popular course at TWU.

Parenting in Challenging Times
January 11-April 19, Room 206/208
Arminta Jacobson and Richard Sale
The sessions will cover the book, “Available Hope—Parenting, Faith, and a Terrifying World.”  The second part of the study will be sessions on parenting at various stages of the life cycle—infants through adult children.

The Story of God
January 11-February 22, Room 205
Stephanie Raesz
In this 6-episode video series, we will “join Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman in an epic new series that explores how religion has shaped the history of the world – and how it continues to mould the lives of every single one of us today, no matter what our faith – or lack of faith – may be. The Story of God with Morgan Freeman is a grand sweep through millennia of history, archaeology and theology. But it is also Morgan’s personal exploration – through conversations with shamans, priests, imams and everyday believers – to discover what God means to all the people of planet Earth and to show that, despite our perceived differences, our beliefs are more alike than we think. Episodes include: Beyond Death Apocalypse Who is God? Creation Why Does Evil Exist? The Power of Miracles …The Story of God with Morgan Freeman”  This class will start promptly at 6:30 each week to have time to view the video and have discussion afterward.

Lenten “Big Book Study”
March 1-April 19, Parlor
St. Andrew Adult Faith Formation will be offering small group studies on Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, and additional times as determined by the congregation¹s requests for type and variety of groups. One book will be studied by all groups, but they can be done in a variety of settings. If your Sunday school group wants to participate, they will do so in the Sunday school setting, but there can also be a Super Wednesday group that might focus on the spiritual disciplines  and meet in the chancel. If a group wants to study the selected book through organizing a walking group, breakfast group, cooking group, or quilting group, for example, simply submit your interests to Kirsten Brown. The diversity of groups will be supported through having a diversity of leaders. If you’re interested in leading or if you have a group that wants to study the book chosen in a creative way, please contact Kirsten Brown at [email protected] A sermon series will be centered around the book themes during the season of Lent.

Did John Calvin Have Any Neighborhood Friends?
March 22-April 19, Fellowship Hall
Dr. James Duke
John Calvin, a pre-eminent leader of the Protestant Reformation, is likely a home-church name among Reformed and Presbyterian churches, heirs of his life and work. Praised as reformer of Geneva, Switzerland and  brilliant biblical scholar, theologian, and ecumenist, Calvin even today gets much bad press as a hard-nosed authoritarian with a sour look on his face and a heart of stone. Our Super Wednesday sessions will highlight women and men in his neighborhood who treasured his warm friendship.

Places in Israel
April 5-April 12, Room 205
Jim Goodnow and David Strutton
This two session course provides background information on places to be visited during a trip to Israel with fellow members of Saint Andrew during spring break in 2018.  The April 5 session will include an introductory video followed by a discussion of the geography and Biblical significance of sites near the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee while the April 12 Holy Week session will focus on sites in and near Jerusalem.  More information about the trip appears elsewhere in this Spring Guide. The course contains information that will be relevant to everyone including those who are not interested in going on the 2018 tour.

Special Super Wednesdays

Travels to South Africa with Harrison Edell
Senior Director of Living Collections, Dallas Zoo
Wednesday, March 8
Share an evening of incredible photo adventure into one of the most game-rich environments on the African continent, the Mala Mala Reserve.  Explore the Duba Plains, renowned for the interaction that takes place between huge herds of buffalo and prides of lions.  Helicopter over the wilderness of the Okavango Delta into Selinda Camp, in remote northern Botswana, where elephants, buffalo and wild dogs will be our closest neighbors.  Cross the border into Zambia and on to Victoria Falls.

Hymn Sing and Bell Ring
Wednesday, April 26